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Sumber2 Toksin yang bolih ganggu kesuburan

 Sekarang ini sekitarn kita dikotori dan dicemari olih berbagai bahan kimia beracun yang bolih mengancam kesihatan dan kesuburan kita. Waspadalah dalam penggunaan barangan2 'make-up', lotion, cream. shampoo, deodorant, pewangi dan lain2, kerana sengah bahan2 tersebut mengandungi kimia beracun yang bolih menimbulkan berbagai penyakit termasuk kanser.

Dibawah ini saya sinarai kan sedikit barangan yang mengadungi toksin.

In our everyday life we are exposed to a staggering variety of environmental airborne toxins. Toxin inhalation is perhaps the most insidious form of chemical exposure since we don't really think about it. In fact, we probably don't think about it because we subconsciously assume it is an unavoidable fact of living in today's world.

There are actually many ways we can minimize our exposure to toxic fumes, sprays, particles and the like. We can minimize the damage they can do to our lungs, eyes, throat and organs once they are absorbed into our blood stream.

Fumes from Household Cleaners

Household cleaners aresome of the worst offenders when it comes to toxic fume output. Studies have been done that show levels of toxic fumes test several times higher inside most homes than in the outdoor air. This is likely due to the multiple cleaning products used in combination with air fresheners, candles, perfumes, hair spray and other chemicals sprayed into the air in most homes on a daily basis.

Products such as oven cleaners, ammonia based window cleaners, heavy duty industrial grease cutters and all-purpose and bathroom cleaners all contain chemicals in them that harm the delicate lung tissue when inhaled. Users are informed to wear protective masks around their nose and mouth when using these types of heavy duty cleaners.

The fumes and particle inhalation can result in nausea, dizziness, sneezing, uncontrollable coughing and watering eyes to name a few. This is because they use chemicals and surfactants such as benzene, bleach and volatile acids to cut through dirt and grease, all of which irritate human tissues.

You can reduce your exposure to these harsh cleaning chemicals by opting for more green options. Very hot tap water can also be used to clean a variety of surfaces in your home. Various types of vinegar, essential oils and even citrus fruit extracts or oils in a diluted solution also work well as multi-purpose cleaners.

Air Fresheners

One study showed that several commonly available air fresheners often tested high in toxic chemicals that were not even listed on the label. This included sprays, plugins, powders for carpets, fabric freshening sprays and more.

Many air fresheners can cause an itchy throat and eyes, irritated lungs, nausea, sneezing and can even instigate asthma attacks. Air fresheners are everywhere. Even if you do not use them in your own home, many public bathrooms, stores and restaurants use them heavily.

If you feel that a certain scent is aggravating your allergies or causing distress to your lungs or other tissues, simply try to minimize time spent in this environment. Ventilation will also help disperse harmful chemicals in the air and reduce their potency.

Perfumes, Hair Spray and Other Personal Care Spray Products

Perfumes are a major concern for inhaled chemical exposure since they often combine a cocktail of hundreds of chemicals to achieve their scent. Most perfumes are sprayed onto the body in a fine mist which increases the likelihood that they will be inhaled into the lungs upon dispersal.

Hair spray and other personal care items that use aerosol or fine spray for dispensation also increase risk of toxic exposure. Using pump dispensers or precision area-specific dispensers may help reduce the likelihood of inhalation. Covering or pinching your nose and closing your mouth may also help reduce exposure. However, choosing chemical-free products is the ideal choice for obvious reasons.


DTX Complex Shaklee mengandungi ekstrak semulajadi bahan di bawah:
  • milk thistle seed
  • schizandra chinensis seed (tanaman yang berasal dari China yang dah digunakan selama lebih 2000 tahun untuk meningkatkan jumlah enzim detoksifikasi di dalam hati)
  • cendawan Reishi (dikenali kerana sifat antioksidannya)
  • dandelion
  • kunyit
  • artichoke (untuk membantu mengekalkan aliran hempedu yang normal)

Dr Shaklee telah memperkenalkan Herb-Lax pada tahun 1917. Ia direka untuk tindakan pembersihan untuk membantu proses semula jadi badan. Herb-Lax adalah gabungan 9 herba, termasuk daun Senna, yang telah digunakan untuk lebih daripada 3,000 tahun sebagai julap semulajadi.
Herba yang digunakan dalam Herb-Lax tidak berkaitan dengan julap kimia buatan yang dijual di mana2. Produk-produk julap buatan ni biasanya merengsakan tisu dengan cara menarik bendalir ke dalam usus untuk memaksanya mengeluarkan bahan-bahan dalam usus. Julap tiruan seperti ini boleh melemahkan organ-organ dan boleh menyebabkan kebergantungan terhadapnya, dehidrasi dan ketidakseimbangan elektrolit. Jadi, berhati-hati ya.
Sebaliknya, Herb-Lax secara semulajadi merangsang pengecutan otot usus. Ini membolehkan penyingkiran sisa-sisa yang terperangkap dan memendekkan masa transit, dan mengelakkan penyerapan toksin. Herb-Lax boleh membantu meningkatkan pengaliran darah, mengurangkan bau badan, jerawat, melegakan sembelit, gas perut dan usus, dan menormalkan fungsi usus.


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